Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Separate Rooms

You see me, almost. sometimes
In a dream with you, Leaving school
In nineteen fifty two, dancing
knowing what to be

We don't speak. Like we used to
"seeing the family soon" A mention for the weather
This June, which has been the same
For over a week

It used to be in that look or smile
Not for a while. The jokes
haven't lasted, we only share
our distain

Who is to blame,
These useless connections, lack of respect
Didn't check, memories, swallowed,
Down the rat poison way

Today, we pay for our 'lack of doing' crime
waiting for our time, in separate rooms

United by Screens

In a suburb of boredom I am connected with you
Carricatured, youthful with little we can do
Denied our agency and with lives others don't see
We find each other online, were we exist, you and me
We are are vilified, patronised, compared to their youth
They restrict our access, take our time. They invent the truth
We should have a "real conversation" they say
But we are real and we are talking, our way
We know what we want and we find it online
Electronically connected almost all of the time
Until we can choose our lives, we'll seek to be free
A truer connection and the acceptance of what we see
That we're actually human, able to think and in our teens
We're sharing, we're sociable, we are united by screens

Futures Fall

Sinking words set out to cut
We're in this together but
Tight belts leak loose change
While others lose what their generation will not regain

Schools are forgotten with past promises of repair
With extra money for those with golden stairs
The same doors feel opportunties knock
Rations are offered to every high rise block

Hard decisions, the acceptance of job loss
A wave of worthlessness, new faces lined with a cross
The day darkens on a burden shared by all
Pennies drop and futures fall

A City Centre Restaurant

I imagine having an early night
In a city centre restaurant
Dropping off to the constant
of conversation, nothing about you

Half asleep as those who drank too much
and stayed too long, leave
Deep sleep amongst vague light
The quiet where noise has been

Sun through windows, buds of sound
Empty space within
Walking amongst tables to find the door
The street and the day as before